Friday, 21 July 2017

Summer ain't what it used to be!

Been away, now I'm back. As per usual, It's been a while. Truth is, I'm a chef, which means long hours and few days off. Getting the time to write is difficult, and I have a few blogs as well as writing my own stuff for publication. I am currently writing so that I can dip my toe into the world of self-publishing. I would love to give up working for someone else and work from home, but that's a story for another time and another place. 

The world of mashups has been a bit lean of late. The Djs from Mars are still running strong, but a lot of the big names are either quiet at the moment or are no longer producing. We've heard nothing from the likes of Bobby Martini since around 2008 when he brought out 'Joy of Decks'.

Wax Audio brought out Mashopolis in 2007 and Mashopolis 2 in 2009 with a trailer on his Youtube channel in 2016 promising Mashopolis - the Movie, of which we are eagerly awaiting.

DJ Colatron has reverted back to his alter ego, Andy Smart, and can be found scouring the Birmingham landscape looking for examples of street art, formerly known as graffiti. He still keeps his hand in with the Crumplestock festival, so all respect to him for that, I just wish he would make a start on E.V.P. part two (which he's threatened to do on occasion). He could call it E.V.P. part two - The beard has landed!

RamDomThoughts ( ) is still going strong,With Scott still at the helm, only no longer broadcasting from the wilds of Essex, I recently found out he is married, has become a buddist, and now lives in Seattle, Washington, and I'm really happy for him, best of luck.

 You can find him @ramdomthoughts on twitter and on Facebook under the name Podcaster ( )

So then, what have I been up to? Well, I've been looking around and have found some good mashups. One was Djs from Mars mix of Katy Perry and Inner City. I get the feeling that Katy Perry has reached that point where an artist thinks that they have reached the pinnacle of their career and can now bring out any old cack, and the mashup and remix community will bring out mixes that will promote their music for them. I haven't been blow away with mainstream offerings for a while now, including Katy Perry and Rihanna, and have been going futher afield. 

As you know, I like a beat, and the harder the better. I recently decided to listen to a Melbourne Bounce video, mainly because of the hot girl's dancing in the video's and the fact that I follow Josy Shuffles on YouTube as she tours the USA, dancing in every state.

Melbourne bounce has got me hooked, I have a few issues, such as some of the mixes feel the need to use Ed Sheeran's entire back catologue, and you can click on three different video's only to find that they are all using the same mix, but in general, there are some really good mixes out there. Some of the video's have remixed tracks that are really good, but the tracks are really badly mixed together, like a shit wedding DJ who's had too much to drink and can't stand the music he's playing.

One thing I do like though, is that absolutely anything goes, no restrictions. Everything is fair game, rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, mainstream, latino, japanese, anything, and when it's done properly, it sounds amazing. I'll give you a couple of examples.

One channel I've been checking out is DJ Brothers.

Melbourne Bounce Mix 2017 Best Of Party Electro House Remixes Of Popular Songs

Melbourne Bounce Dance Charts Mix ♫ Electro House Music ✪ Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 


If you want to check these out just click the picture, there are loads of these, so just go mad.

 One I stumbled across that I quite liked was

Shakira - Whenever, Wherever (Slash Junior Remix)

It's a pretty good mix of a track thats been done to death, and I think it's a good effort, big thumbs up.

 One I really like, I might have mentioned it before, I've definately twittered it, is


Sia - Cheap Thrills Ft. Sean Paul (Remix)

from the Km Music channel, not just the track, but the video as well, especially the street dancers at the beginning. All video's used in the montage are listed so you can watch them individually.

How about a bit of Enrique.

Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (DJ Alliance Remix) 

 The original song didn't feature Enrique and was released in 2013
by Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona without Iglesias' vocals. The track featured on a couple of compilation albums but was never released as a single, only as an album track.

I was going to finish with a remix of cool for the summer - demi lovato that I heard on tv, but I cannot find the frigger anywhere on the internet. I will keep looking, meanwhile, I think I'll finish with something a little different.

Yanina Chiesa from Argentina, has been singing from an early age, and posts video's of herself singing on Youtube. She has the ability to impersonate many female performer, and has a stack of video's showcasing her talent. Pretty good when english isn't your first language


Not to be confused with Tatiana Owens from The Key of Awesome, who sings for the actors in the videos

Both accomplised singers and both can impersonate other singers

and that's all folks

See Ya soon!