Sunday, 20 April 2014

We Really Need Some Summertime Love!

Pretty much every DJ these days is having a crack at making a mashup. It's a way for a DJ to demonstrate their talent and ability, and their control of their equipment.
The issue that I have is that there are lots of mashups that are basically clones of each other, or simply that the same songs are being used over again, and that the resulting mashup shows no real inspiration. If the mashup doesn't grab me within the first few seconds, It's usually a case of, yep....., next!

I do like to follow certain mashup djs, such as Djs from Mars, Colatron, Lobsterdust, etc. But I really enjoy finding those hidden gems. When a DJ isn't well known, or changes their style or simply gets an idea one day over a coffee. I enjoy it when I hear something done differently.

The latest offering from the house of Colatron is 'Beginning Over' a subtle blend of Daniel Rosenfeld, Tycho and the wonderful Portishead. He classes this as a homage to death and rebirth, hinting at a course change for the entity of sound and light. No video for youtube, and there may not be one. Colatron is currently looking for inspiraton, possibly venturing into unfamiliar territory or even a complete change of style. His recent works have been very grown-up, professional, but with a dark, or sometimes melancholy edge, but always a work of genius with a hefty heartfelt emotion. These traits have earned him the respect of the mashup community internationally. His achievements and accomplishments are many and varied. In 2010, I wrote on this blog about E.V.P. in my mind his greatest work. Take a look if you have the time, you will find links to Colatrons work there. If you would like to contact him, you can find him on twitter and facebook.

Next for today, DJ Axcess. When thinking of time served mashup artists, one that will always spring to mind, is DJ Axcess, formerly known as DJ Mouse, real name Christian Gutsch of Germany

His mashups are, quite simply, an absolute pleasure to listen to. He conveys a professional clarity, a purity if you will, in his music, and if you go over to his website, you can listen to his tracks on the sites player.

What doesn't kill you makes you whistle (Kelly Clarkson vs. Flo-Rida) Mashup, found on the site and on soundcloud, is a perfect example. Very clear and precise, and totally flawless.

Hotel Radioactive (Eagles Vs. Imagine Dragons) is a beautiful example of how to mashup the eagles, very pleasant on the ears, and making the most of the tracks awesome guitars

The latest offering from the Axcess of Music is "California Wings" a new mashup featuring (Birdy vs. Rihanna)

DJ Axcess currently holds positions 1,3 & 6 in the mashup charts

I recently promoted LauraBmashups roaring applause, the Katy Perry mashup.

I've found another mashup of roar worth a mention, pop over to youtube or soundcloud for a listen to Candy Roar by cut and paste, where they have mashed Katy's roar track with Robbie Williams Candy. It's actually pretty good, what my mum would call a 'toetapper'

Someone who caught my attention very recently was Voicedude, who has recently released a couple of tracks.

Firstly we have 'Bossa Nova Nights - Elvis Presley Vs. F.U.N.' a mix of Elvis Presley - "Bossa Nova Baby" [Viva Elvis RMX] vs F.U.N. - "Some Nights"

This one works really well, I could imagine this one performed live or in an Elvis Movie.

The one I really want to give a mention to though is 'Laid Back Chainsmokers - Laid Back Vs. Chainsmokers + Sugarhill Gang Vs. Aloe Blacc'
I really don't like #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, I actually prefer Erase, which features the amazingly talented and beautiful Priyanka Chopra (
But Voicedude has come up with a brilliant mashup that blends #selfie with the Sugarhill Gang's Apache,
Aloe Blacc's Wake Me Up, and the Laid Back track White Horse, a track that has been sampled by the likes of Justin Timberlake and the Black-eyed-peas. I always remember the cross-eyed girl in the video. If anyone knows who she was, leave me a message on twitter, cheers!

Can't Remember To Forget The Nightventure (DJ Score Mashup) is a track from DJScore that I came across about a month ago.
I found this progressive house track after listening to the parody by the key of awesome and just went hunting. I'm a big fan of Shakira, love her voice, and of course she is incredibly beautiful, and so sexy.
N.B. The voices for the key of awesome parody are both performed by Tatiana Owens (@tatianaowens)

I should make a mention here that I have finally managed to get Hot Velocity Cold Shift - MeadVice Combo onto youtube without any crap about copyright. I made this new video from fractal art clips from the Internet Archive, many thanks to Electronic Sheep for that. The original video can be found over at Vimeo.
Meadvice on Vimeo -
Meadvice on soundcloud -
Meadvice on twitter - @MeadViceMashups

OK, time to wrap this up, so I'm going to finish with some info. The Djs from Mars, to answer those who asked, have indeed got more than one channel on youtube. You will find that most people have multiple channels, especially music producers.
Djs From Mars -

these are the ones I've found. Might as well give you a couple of links while I'm here.
Latest track, Zedd vs Pendulum vs Showtek - Stay The Night Vs Tarantula Vs Booyah (Djs From Mars Bootleg)

The one I'm really enjoying at the moment, both track and awesome video Skrillex & Damian Marley vs Dvbbs & Borgeous - Make it Tsun Dem (Djs From Mars Radiocut Bootleg)

So download, plug in your headphones, and create your own reality. I'll see you real soon
до побачення до наступного разу