Thursday, 6 November 2014

Let Music Calm the Savage Beast

When asked about their music preference, most people will reply with an answer such as 'I'll listen to anything'. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but in general, people will listen to most music types, but usually, music will reflect the listeners mood or vice-versa.

When I am working on a PC. I like to have music, or even a TV show or Film playing in the background, usually on my phone connected to Youtube or Vimeo. I won't watch the image, but I will listen to the content. If I am in the kitchen, then it is usually something upbeat, such as a trance remix or mashup collection, or lately a Kygo remix. When I feel pensive, however, I may listen to some Pink Floyd or even Mozart or Vivaldi, or even some old school blues.

I have on occasion, sat and listened to mood music for stress relief, due to the fact that I have difficulty getting off to sleep. It can be for various reasons, usually I can't get my head to shut up. The events of the day will still be rolling around in there or I have a song stuck in my head, etc. and I usually end up sinking a few beers to help me along, and sometimes I would try Youtube, and look for relaxation music and lie down with the headphones on. This was not always successful and I would drop off around five or six, and would get just a couple of hours. A number of years ago I actually suffered for a short time from what my doctor described as 'hyperreality' due to serious sleep deprivation, but that's a story for another day. 

I really will listen to anything, or at least give all music a chance, and long story short, about a year or so ago, came across some A.S.M.R. videos. A.S.M.R. is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, basically throughout your life you get sensations from intamacy or close connections where you feel, what are described as 'tingles' and these are set off by 'triggers' such as quiet repetative sounds like tapping or clicking, or close up ear-to-ear sounds or talking. 

I personally prefer ear-to ear voices and the result for me is relaxation, a sort of numbness and my mind quietens and I can actually drop off to sleep

The leading names in this new field on Youtube are people such as Maria/Маша (GentleWhispering) and Heather Feather (heather feather asmr) and Ally (ASMRrequests) who make not only ASMR video's, but make ASMR a massive part of their life, and with some very specialist equipment, make very high quality video's for the pleasure of helping people. These guy's have patreon pages, because their followers want to give back and show some appreciation, and all donations are fed back into the video making.

I have recently made a tribute video for Heather and posted it on Youtube. I received not only a comment on the video from her, but also a message on twitter. I was elated that she had seen it, and even more so that she liked it. Absolutely made my day

Heather Feather ASMR - A Tribute Video

ASMR is present everwhere, we like certain noises and sounds. Is this why we like certain music types? Is it influences from childhood? I personally grew up with many musical and visual influences as a child, my brother like blues, my parents liked country, my other brother liked chart music and seventies rock. I grew up during the Hacienda scene, so I was exposed to early hip-hop, acid-house, house music, etc,etc. I like trance, mashups, hip-hop, house, classical, soul, funk, motown,etc.
Let face it, I like anything with a beat
a strong beat, a heart beat, a soul beat. 

Enter stage left, the godfather of soul, Mr James Brown and SuperGroup Led Zeppelin
James Brown has always been a difficult one to mashup, but my last post I found a couple of exceptional mashups, today I have another
James Brown vs Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta Sex Machine by Fissunix

James Brown vs Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Sex Machine

Talking of blasts from the past I have found
The Ting Tings vs The Knack vs Toni Basil - That's Not My Name Mashup – Justin Kayes
Dutch music producer/mashup DJ Justin Kayes @JustinKayes
you can find him on soundcloud

Since hearing Blondie Vs. The Doors - Rapture Riders: created by Mark Vidler, I didn't think I would find anything to match it.
Then I came across GoHomeProductions Mashup - GHP (I Am The) Trampolene (To The Other Side) Cope/Doors/Beatles/Verve
Less than three minutes, but still well worth a listen.

Staying with GoHomeProductions, I also found - Go Home Productions: My Paperback Sharona (The Beatles vs The Knack)
You may be think 'Sharona has been done to death', but this one works, very well. Nice and simple, not overdone.

Time for a little Mos Def. I was looking for the original video for Pretty Lights - Finally Moving, and found a ton of mashups, mainly done with hip-hop artists such as 2pac and Biggie, and found a good one with Mos Def. I'm not listing all of them here, just do a search on YouTube.
This one is a mix of all of them on Aquatic Bazaar channel
Pretty Lights x Mos Def x B.I.G. x Nas - Finally Moving One Beef Everyday

Thievery Corporation vs Mos Def - Lebanese Mathematics (Trill-Out Blend)

Mos Def - Mathematics vs Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde
these tracks on their own are pretty good, but put together are just sublime. I love this mashup.

If you want tingles, then don your headphones, sit back and listen to Mos Def & Aretha Franklin Blend
Oh! take me away, this mix is beautiful, just beautifully done.
"Ms. Fat Booty ((best of decade I version))" by Mos Defwith the crystal tones of Aretha supported by Mos and halfway through Mos supported by Aretha.

I, Neo (Mos Def / Massive Attack / Matrix Mashup)

Matrix Fans should like this one, well mixed but poor video, worth a listen, quite atmospheric, I like it.

Sunshine Party And Bullshit" Notorious B.I.G. vs Mos Def (Mashup)
This one has been around for a while, but it's a pleasant listen, I found this a year or so ago.

Mos Def | Limp Bizkit - Creamed Beef (Mashup)

This one cracks me up. Creamed Beef by Andrew Schawl. Mos Def – Beef vs Creamer – Limp Bizkit. Just a really good mix

Got a few 2pac mashups now. There are hundreds out there, some good, some bad, some uninspired and there are some absolute beauties.
See if any of these float your boat

2Pac ft. Big Stalks, DJ Ak, Snoop Dogg & Dr.Dre - Takin' Over (D-Ace Mix) [Prod. by G-Dogg]

Produced by the late G-Dogg this mashup is an homage to late and old school rappers. Some good old school beats in this one.

2Pac ft DMX - "No Doubt" - Fitzyy & Dj Boy In The Bubble (CDQ HD) NEW 2011/2012

old school DMX with 2pac – a re-release. If memory serves, this was out about ten years ago, but a google search doesn't confirm nor deny.

Snoop dog when he was still canine

Snoop Dogg ft. 2Pac, B-Real & DMX - Vato (Miqu Remix) (Uncensored Music Video)

Snoop Dogg - Vato vs 2Pac - Fuck All Y'All vs DMX - We In Here
Love this mashup, lot of memories in here.

A couple to finish with

Edward Maya Stereo Love ft. Eminem, Ludacris, Taio Cruz, Kanye West, Twista, & Ke$ha *REMIX*

Didn't know what to make of this at first, but give it a chance, and it works, but give it some volume, this one works better turned up.
Leave the volume up for the next one also

Robin Skouteris - Working Lady Should Be Dancing Like Jagger (Donna Summer/Bee Gees/Maroon 5/Modjo)

Robin Skouteris always gives value for money, squeezing tons of tracks into every mashup.

Last but not least,

Madonna Vs Nancy Sinatra, Kill Bill & more - The Gang Bang Theory (Robin Skouteris & Pat Scott Mix)

Coming in at nearly nine minutes, R.S. does it again. A lot went into this mashup and video, and is incredibly detailed in the song listing, lifting and dropping in just the right places. Excellent piece of work

Wanna say hi, I'm on Twitter @MeadViceMashups
and Youtube - Mead Vice
Mead Vice on Vimeo -

Mead Vice Mashups on Soundcloud -

Saturday, 19 July 2014



A lot of songs have unique signifiers that are recognised by the listener. Because of these, we can identify a track before it really kicks in. The sign of an exceptional mashup dj is when they make a track without using these key signifiers and create something completely new and amazing. I look for these tracks constantly.

If your not sure what i'm talking about, I refer you to listen to, for instance, Stevie Wonder's Superstition ( and listen to the first 12 - 15 seconds,

or Barry White - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby ( ) and listen to the first 10 - 20 seconds
not that you can't recognise most familiar song's within a few seconds, but the point I make here is that most classic hits have these signifiers, beats, sections, that makes it hard to mash that particular song without using them, so when I come across someone who has managed to do this, I get kinda excited, and listen with anticipation. They don't always pull it off, but most of the time, the worst cases are still a good effort, and end up being worked on and perfected.

The following couple of tracks are, for me, absolute success in this endeavor. I hope you agree when you have listened to them.
first up.

Queen vs RATM vs Prodigy vs Skrillex - We Will kill the Breathe of Bangarang - Djs From Mars Bootleg (
The Martian boys are rather good at this, and this track is no exception to there own very strict rules of getting every last potential drop out of a mashup. Not a track to repeat itself, the whole thing, piece by piece is mighty damn fine, with some clever tricks to blend the tracks together. well done chaps.

Next,   4th Branch (Kashmiri Mix) [Immortal Technique vs. Led Zeppelin Mash-up by Wax Audio] ( absolutely love this one from wax audio, with one of my favorite rappers, immortal technique. This one actually uses the recognisable led zep guitars, but toned down, so they are not too promenent.

Sticking with Led Zeppelin, LED ZEPPELIN - IMMIGRANT SONG (DIRTY FUNKER REMIX) ( Zep, updated and a bit upbeat. Some say don't mash the greats, I say, Mashup is an art form, and art has no boundaries.

The one's I really want to put you onto, though, I have found a couple of James Brown beauties. James Brown has always been difficult to mash, a problem sononamous with most motown tracks, but these are really well done.

James Brown - Sex Machine (Audioplayerz Remix) ( I feel that a good mashup should make you want to jump up and start bouncing around the room, where the original wouldn't (not that the original sex machine wouldn't, but you catch my drift). This one delivers, great mix, great original beat, all round banging tune.

The second is a lot slower but just as good, and just as well put together
James Brown - I feel good (Pretty Lights Remix) (  this one is absolutely gorgeous, it's tracks like this when I wish youtube would offer a loop facility on playback.

Prettylights can be found at

If you have any issues with the links, I always list my findings on twitter @MeadViceMashups
and MeadVice Mashups now has a fledgling FB page
Mashups will be listed here when found. Just got to get into the habit of using it.

Damian Marley - Road To Zion ( EFIX & XKAEM Cover)  Dealer de Musique Dealer de Musique has a youtube page absolutely pack with great tracks but this one really caught my ear, very pleasant to listen to.

I would like to make a mention here of "The King Of ArtPop" MICHAEL JACKSON vs LADY GAGA Mashup Album, by Robin Skouteris A lot of work in this one, very very well done. I really like the resulting album here. I'm not going to go on about it, but download, listen and enjoy

While I'm on this thread, Monsters & Miracles / TMCD5RMX by tiger mendoza. Whole bunch of people worked on this, you can download from loads of places, including colatrons website and tigers website.

Ok, to finish up with, I wanna tell you about a guy named Kygo. Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (born 1991), commonly known by his stage name Kygo, is a Norwegian musician, remixer and a superb mashup artist. You want to known more, he has a wiki page. The reason I'm giving this guy a mention is because his music is awesome, but no-one seems to have heard of him. It's like he's the dj's dj (he our little secret and we're not sharing).

Kygo is on YT, and his stuff is wonderful. Theres not a lot out there, but whats there, is absolutely superb, and his portfolio grows daily. His stuff can be found on loads of channels, I'm not going to list them here. Go to Youtube, type in KYGO, just a few track links to be getting on with.

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) (
 Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix) (
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix) (
 Coldplay - Midnight (Kygo Remix) (
 Passenger - Let Her Go (Kygo Remix)  (
Enjoy these, look for more and tweet what you find.

Whilst on the subject of little known dj's, I keep coming across tracks labelled Citrus Mix, but Citrus is such a generic word that I'm having trouble finding out about this dj. I usually very good at finding information on the WWW but this person is proving elusive. There is a track listed on the PH4Studios YT channel and the same track with different picture vid on Evita K channel.

 Flo Rida - How I Feel (Citrus Remix)
Jutty Ranx - I See You (Citrus Remix)

Cant really find much else about this chap at the moment. Might be new, and we just need to be patient.

Robin Skouteris
Shakira / Xtina / Katy Perry Mashup - for Miss Tiffany's Universe 2014 - Thailand (
Pat Scott - Love To Blow You Baby [Donna Summer / Beyonce / Kesha / Madonna] EXPLICIT VIDEO   (

OK I'm outta here. Later Tater! Have a good summer!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

We Really Need Some Summertime Love!

Pretty much every DJ these days is having a crack at making a mashup. It's a way for a DJ to demonstrate their talent and ability, and their control of their equipment.
The issue that I have is that there are lots of mashups that are basically clones of each other, or simply that the same songs are being used over again, and that the resulting mashup shows no real inspiration. If the mashup doesn't grab me within the first few seconds, It's usually a case of, yep....., next!

I do like to follow certain mashup djs, such as Djs from Mars, Colatron, Lobsterdust, etc. But I really enjoy finding those hidden gems. When a DJ isn't well known, or changes their style or simply gets an idea one day over a coffee. I enjoy it when I hear something done differently.

The latest offering from the house of Colatron is 'Beginning Over' a subtle blend of Daniel Rosenfeld, Tycho and the wonderful Portishead. He classes this as a homage to death and rebirth, hinting at a course change for the entity of sound and light. No video for youtube, and there may not be one. Colatron is currently looking for inspiraton, possibly venturing into unfamiliar territory or even a complete change of style. His recent works have been very grown-up, professional, but with a dark, or sometimes melancholy edge, but always a work of genius with a hefty heartfelt emotion. These traits have earned him the respect of the mashup community internationally. His achievements and accomplishments are many and varied. In 2010, I wrote on this blog about E.V.P. in my mind his greatest work. Take a look if you have the time, you will find links to Colatrons work there. If you would like to contact him, you can find him on twitter and facebook.

Next for today, DJ Axcess. When thinking of time served mashup artists, one that will always spring to mind, is DJ Axcess, formerly known as DJ Mouse, real name Christian Gutsch of Germany

His mashups are, quite simply, an absolute pleasure to listen to. He conveys a professional clarity, a purity if you will, in his music, and if you go over to his website, you can listen to his tracks on the sites player.

What doesn't kill you makes you whistle (Kelly Clarkson vs. Flo-Rida) Mashup, found on the site and on soundcloud, is a perfect example. Very clear and precise, and totally flawless.

Hotel Radioactive (Eagles Vs. Imagine Dragons) is a beautiful example of how to mashup the eagles, very pleasant on the ears, and making the most of the tracks awesome guitars

The latest offering from the Axcess of Music is "California Wings" a new mashup featuring (Birdy vs. Rihanna)

DJ Axcess currently holds positions 1,3 & 6 in the mashup charts

I recently promoted LauraBmashups roaring applause, the Katy Perry mashup.

I've found another mashup of roar worth a mention, pop over to youtube or soundcloud for a listen to Candy Roar by cut and paste, where they have mashed Katy's roar track with Robbie Williams Candy. It's actually pretty good, what my mum would call a 'toetapper'

Someone who caught my attention very recently was Voicedude, who has recently released a couple of tracks.

Firstly we have 'Bossa Nova Nights - Elvis Presley Vs. F.U.N.' a mix of Elvis Presley - "Bossa Nova Baby" [Viva Elvis RMX] vs F.U.N. - "Some Nights"

This one works really well, I could imagine this one performed live or in an Elvis Movie.

The one I really want to give a mention to though is 'Laid Back Chainsmokers - Laid Back Vs. Chainsmokers + Sugarhill Gang Vs. Aloe Blacc'
I really don't like #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, I actually prefer Erase, which features the amazingly talented and beautiful Priyanka Chopra (
But Voicedude has come up with a brilliant mashup that blends #selfie with the Sugarhill Gang's Apache,
Aloe Blacc's Wake Me Up, and the Laid Back track White Horse, a track that has been sampled by the likes of Justin Timberlake and the Black-eyed-peas. I always remember the cross-eyed girl in the video. If anyone knows who she was, leave me a message on twitter, cheers!

Can't Remember To Forget The Nightventure (DJ Score Mashup) is a track from DJScore that I came across about a month ago.
I found this progressive house track after listening to the parody by the key of awesome and just went hunting. I'm a big fan of Shakira, love her voice, and of course she is incredibly beautiful, and so sexy.
N.B. The voices for the key of awesome parody are both performed by Tatiana Owens (@tatianaowens)

I should make a mention here that I have finally managed to get Hot Velocity Cold Shift - MeadVice Combo onto youtube without any crap about copyright. I made this new video from fractal art clips from the Internet Archive, many thanks to Electronic Sheep for that. The original video can be found over at Vimeo.
Meadvice on Vimeo -
Meadvice on soundcloud -
Meadvice on twitter - @MeadViceMashups

OK, time to wrap this up, so I'm going to finish with some info. The Djs from Mars, to answer those who asked, have indeed got more than one channel on youtube. You will find that most people have multiple channels, especially music producers.
Djs From Mars -

these are the ones I've found. Might as well give you a couple of links while I'm here.
Latest track, Zedd vs Pendulum vs Showtek - Stay The Night Vs Tarantula Vs Booyah (Djs From Mars Bootleg)

The one I'm really enjoying at the moment, both track and awesome video Skrillex & Damian Marley vs Dvbbs & Borgeous - Make it Tsun Dem (Djs From Mars Radiocut Bootleg)

So download, plug in your headphones, and create your own reality. I'll see you real soon
до побачення до наступного разу