Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sherlock is Back, a new Dr Who, and Granville is back in the shop

Hello to all, hope you are very well indeed. Yes, Sherlock will be back on our screens very soon, we have a new Doctor and a Christmas special of 'Open All Hours' is to be made into a new series, Marvellous!

There seems to be some issue with the new Doctor, however. Firstly, we recently saw the BBC screening of 'The Day of the Doctor', the long awaited transition episode before the new Doctor (Peter Capaldi) takes up the mantle in the Christmas Special 'The Time of the Doctor'.

In The Day of the Doctor, we have Matt Smith and David Tennant interacting with John Hurt, who is the incarnation of the doctor who destroyed Galifray. I'm not going to get into the whole paradox theory of his eventual actions, just the fact that with the arrival of John Hurt throws a massive spanner in to Tardis engine.

In 'The Night of the Doctor' (mini epsode on YT) Paul McGann, classed as the 8th doctor, even though he only made one film, becomes John Hurt. This would make him the 9th doctor and Christopher Eccleston the 10th
If John Hurt destroyed Galifrey and the 1st Doctor (William Hartnell) was a result of this, it stands to reason that the John Hurt Doctor is a very early version, if not the very first and original Doctor.
Also, Paul McGann was commisioned to be the 8th doctor, but because the film didn't do well his series wasn't made, so where does Peter Cushing fit in the grand scheme of things? 
Also, some are counting David Tennant twice. Should they? 
Just something for your brain to chew over.

Sherlock is to return to BBC One on New Years Day, and I cannot wait. I think I may have sussed how he survived the fall, but unsure as to a few details, but he must have had help, maybe an ex client or the baker street irregulars.
Anyone who is familiar with the Conan-Doyle books, will have worked out straight away that he would be back, as the original tales have him luring Colonel Sebastian Moran in to a trap, the last of Moriarty's gang. I'm absolutely salivating at the thought of a new series, cannot wait!

And, at the distinguished age of 73, David Jason is to return as Granville in a Christmas Special of 'Open All Hours'. In the new one-off special, Granville now runs the shop, having inherited it from Arkwright and becomes the boss for the first time, as well as the return of characters including nurse Gladys Emmanuel (Lynda Baron), now herself in her twilight years.

I'm not one for tv, unless it's something really good, most of what I watch is online. But I would much rather just have my music playing in the background as I do something a bit more creative than watching the tube. I have a fondness for long mixes, such as DjPrincessAnn or Bobby Martini, a recent one I mentioned in a past post by Dj Morgoth (Mashupyourbootz) has become a favourite of mine. But there has been a bit of a long mix decline recently, but I'm glad to say that the dry spell maybe over.
There are two types of longmix. There is the 'get as many songs in as you can' style and then you have the 'take you on a journey' style. I'm not a big fan of the former, as they can be very busy, and sometimes aggressive to the ears, and you end up getting annoyed because you can't really keep up with the song. Every now and then, though, a good one comes along. An example of such a one is 'Pop World 2013 (A Mashup Of 60 Songs)' and can be found on youtube or facebook

An example of a journey style mix, We Love Mashup End Of Summer 2013
again available on youtube and soundcloud

One annoyance is the creation of the word 'Danthology', Oh don't get me fucking started. If we are going to use this word, then we have - Pop Danthology 2013 1 Hour HD, and yes it is on youtube, someone made a 1 hour video, well done for that, it is very well put together, as is the mix, but please be warned that there is an appearance from Justin Beiber #shudder#.
You will recognise the mashups in this mix, as it is a collection of various mashup artists.

If you fancy some modern house and euro beats, one I stumbled across
was - Best House Music 2013 Club Hits – quite a refreshing sharp beat to this one. I like to listen to A.S.O.T. so this one went down quite well.

So, mah bitches, if yooz is like, wantin sum beats for the noo yeer party, theres plenty out there.
Just remembered, I also found a David Guetta Mix, comes in at about an hour. I've not listened to it yet, but it's David Guetta, c'mon!

Over on Vimeo, I have found Ithaca Audio, and a little beauty by them, well a couple actually. Rolling in the beats (live mashup) - 24 Video APC40 Mashup created by Chris from Ithaca Audio, based in Brighton, East Sussex, and they are responsible for the very clever video for Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz - Sound With Power) availibe for download on soundcloud and vimeo.

The second track of theirs I want to highlight is the mashup - Game Theory
I really love the video to this, and the quirky but addictive track really gets stuck in your noggin.

 Don't hold back, just push things forward very powerful mix of star wars, shaft and obviously 'dont hold back. Brilliant

and lastly - The Mixtape – Celebrating 50 years of the cassette tape with another innovative video and a beautifully put together track, with the wonderful Etta James starting proceedings, but with a beat build up reminisant of the Djs from Mars early tracks.

I don't normally get seasonal, but I went looking for xmas tracks that have been remixed or updated, and have some little beauties.

New! Mix Dubstep Christmas 2012 - Xmas Dubstep 2012

This one is actually from last year, but I've only just come across it. The reason being, I usually look for this kind of thing, only to find that there an absolute abundance of it, and it's usually shyte, but this one really impressed the hell out of me, mainly by the amount of work that must have gone into it, and the end result is really good, it all works really well.

Dubstep Snowman

This one is fantastic, not over done, everything works well together, and the original track isn't harmed, is anything, it's better. You may or maynot agree, but I love this mix

I recently listened to Michael Buble - Feeling Good (Noize Tank Remix) [Dubstep] and really enjoyed it, but felt like it was unfinished, but worth a mention

Then I came across Michael Buble - Feeling Good (Nave Remix) and really liked it, I also wondered if these two could be mixed together, hmmm!

Well my poppets I'm gonna leave you now, but If you don't hear from me for the rest of the year, Have a very happy DR WHO and a smashing SHERLOCK

a friend of mine!