Thursday, 29 August 2013

Where has all the Sunshine Gone?

Well summer has come and gone, and the weather has been pretty good, considering it's been a bit schizophrenic at times. Got caught in a couple of sudden downpours, one was while it was still blazing sunshine. Quite an odd sensation, enjoyable even.

I personally have been listening to a lot of trance over the past few month's, mainly because the mashup scene has produced virtually nothing that has really blown me away. There is an abundance of plagiarized copies on Youtube, but a serious lack of inspirational works of genius.

I have been back to the places where I first discovered the mashup scene, and, of course the first place I stopped off was my old mate Andy Smart (A.K.A. Colatron). Those of you who have graced this site with your wonderful presence before will have read my post about Andy's shining example of mashup artistry, E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Pretty much everything that Colatron does is a work of art, and I'm yet to hear him produce anything that is less than perfection. I have listened to his stuff recently and he is producing some absolutely beautiful pieces of music, yet nothing upbeat and no dance tracks. One track that caught my attention was The Good and a Comfortable Life, a welcoming, and somewhat personal look into his world, and the invitation is gratefully received. The video is simplistic and beautiful, and the track itself is well worth a listen.

After having my fill at the fountain of Colatron, I decided to ghost over the DJs from Mars website. I often visit their youtube channel, but rarely get over to the website. I received an email recently, as I'm sure most of you already know, the boxheaded one's have left Italy and now have residency at the Hard Rock hotel and casino in Las Vegas:

'Humans…Djs From Mars and At Large Entertainment are glad to announce the 2013 Las Vegas Residency
Catch your favourite aliens playing at the Hard Rock Hotel, every month, in the Body English and Nectar Pool Party…check for exact dates here:

How absolutely lovely for them, but what about the rest of us? Well, fear ye not, for these hard working martian boys are still producing for their youtube channel, and their stuff is out of this world, but the last thing they brought out of which caught my ear was four or five months ago which was ' Eminem vs The Prodigy vs TJR vs Baauer vs Nero – Ode to Harlem Bitch Up Without Etude' . I really liked this one, showed intelligence, creativity and an ability to take a track (eminem) that has been absolutely mashup to shit by every mashup artist and wannabe dj on the planet, and still come up with something new and refreshing to the senses. A lot of people didn't like this one, but I thought it was brilliant.

I visited a lot of other sites, and most of them have nothing new, with the last offerings being from over a year ago. DJ Princess Ann (Kuala Lumpur) has been touring solid for over a year, with very little on her sites. Bobby Martini's site hasn't had a listing since 2009, and the last thing that DJ Lobsterdust did that was any good was Dec 2012 (Michael Jackson+Rihanna+J-Lo+Owl City+Carly Rae Jepsen - We Found A Good Beat)

Talking of Youtube, the spawn of the demons womb, What's with all the fucking adverts? I spend so much time clearing the screen that I miss most of the video, and it's pissing me off, so pack it the fuck in Youtube. Honestly, I was watch one of Stuart Ashens reviews, and had to restart it twice. Was watching a new channel, Emma Blackery, had been recommended as really funny, and had the same problem on a couple of her videos. By the way, she has just released a song, video on demon spawn, sorry youtube. Give it a watch cause she's gorgeous and a redhead, and she's got a lovely voice.
Link below, there will probably be an advert so be patient boys and girls

Go The Distance - Emma Blackery [Official Music Video] 


Well, I'm starting to get a little tired, and a bit drunk, so I will bid thee farewell for now, just remember, everything is an illusion, the only thing that's real is music, so drink deep and sleep well

A bientôt mes amis