Sunday, 16 October 2011


Finally got around to making a vid for this track, and posted it on youtube. Uploaded it @ 10:29 PM on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, and within 10 seconds the vid was blocked worldwide by YT because of copyright issues.

The vid is now listed (Thankyou youtube!) @ :~

Hot Velocity Cold Shift - MeadVice Combo (Katy Perry vs Overseer Mashup) 




After informing YT of my rights under fair usage (ie - I'm not making any money from this) they allowed the video to be listed. but then EMI objected to the use of the video under copyright restrictions, forcing YT to block it worldwide. Because of this I have delete the video from YouTube. I may not bother with yt again. Incidentally If you list katy perry mashup on yt, you will get over 6000 listings, but I cant put my fucking video up because they are a giant corporation, and think they own the world. They seem to forget that if we didn't buy the music they would out of a job.

If you wanna see the video, I have uploaded three different formats to mediafire at the link below, be my guest, enjoy. I only did it for a bit of fun anyway. 

The majority of artists know that if DJ's mix, remix and mashup their music, they get more airplay as the DJ's display their work in the clubs and at parties all over the world. Ibiza was built on the work of these DJ's. Give me strength!