Monday, 21 March 2011

America's Next Top Model - Prepare for Idiocy

Firstly, I want to say hi to a friend of mine, DJ Critic from Northwich.
You can find Critic's mixes on SoundCloud ( Most of his work is actually Hardcore, but he has just released a track that is about a guy he works with, who is convinced he is Gods gift to women. Not hardcore, but very funny, and definatly worth a listen.

I have been trawling around YouTube and have found a couple of little treasures

A couple of links I would recommend taking a swatch at  also 

Also, those of you who visit regular, know I like to listen to Trance and I've had requests for Trance downloads. You can search online for various download sites, such as AH.FM 
but I would definately recommend a site called Ektoplasm

Ektoplazm is a site devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance) 
realizing the revolutionary potential of free music distribution in the 21st century. I love this site

Well I'm going to sign off now, and hopefully I won't be gone so long

Stay away from mindless reality shows, don't forget to breathe.