Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Boomshakala and all is well with the world

Since my last posting I have managed to calm down a bit. I managed to get a bit hot under the collar about not being able to go on youtube. Well I suppose YT were only doing there job, and copyright is an issue, but come on, lets play the game fairly. When a DJ mashes or remixes two or more songs, and comes up with a masterpiece, credit should be given when due. The internet was original founded on the bases of free speech and interpretation. Even though every part of the web is being commercialised for profitable gain, free speech and interpretation is still a right. Mashups are a form of creativity and expression, and deserve the artistic license as any other art form.
In august of 2010, I wrote a piece on E.V.P. by Colatron. Colatron is the alter ego of my good mate Andy Smart, a truly talented, gifted and succesful artist. If the powers that be had jumped on him, we would never have heard this wonderous track. What would have happened if they had done the same to Queen when they released Bohemian Rhapsody. Creativity should be nutured. Cradled like a babe in arms, not become a victim of bureaucracy and taken down at every turn.
Im tired now so peace out

Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion

We are all one

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Finally got around to making a vid for this track, and posted it on youtube. Uploaded it @ 10:29 PM on Thu, Sep 29, 2011, and within 10 seconds the vid was blocked worldwide by YT because of copyright issues.

The vid is now listed (Thankyou youtube!) @ :~

Hot Velocity Cold Shift - MeadVice Combo (Katy Perry vs Overseer Mashup) 




After informing YT of my rights under fair usage (ie - I'm not making any money from this) they allowed the video to be listed. but then EMI objected to the use of the video under copyright restrictions, forcing YT to block it worldwide. Because of this I have delete the video from YouTube. I may not bother with yt again. Incidentally If you list katy perry mashup on yt, you will get over 6000 listings, but I cant put my fucking video up because they are a giant corporation, and think they own the world. They seem to forget that if we didn't buy the music they would out of a job.

If you wanna see the video, I have uploaded three different formats to mediafire at the link below, be my guest, enjoy. I only did it for a bit of fun anyway. 

The majority of artists know that if DJ's mix, remix and mashup their music, they get more airplay as the DJ's display their work in the clubs and at parties all over the world. Ibiza was built on the work of these DJ's. Give me strength!

Friday, 15 July 2011

American Chopper - Fact or Fiction

Once again, I've finally found time to write on my blog to bring you lovely people some of the finest treasures that the mashup world has to offer. 

I have to say that it's getting quite difficult at the moment, as I current work a seven day week at two jobs, but every now and then, I get to kick back with a nice cold beer and enjoy the afternoon sun, and listen to some banging tunes.

Firstly, in my last posting, I wrote of a pal of mine (DJ Critic - 'Ben Haspell') and a track he had made. Unfortunatly, the track was de-listed from SoundCloud, but can be found at the following link:

Those of you who might want to check out Critics music, tune to Krafty Radio on a saturday night, with the rest of the krew -

Also, I have listed 'Hot Velocity Cold Shift - Meadvice Combo' on SoundCloud, and will be listing my next track on both this site and SoundCloud when I find the time to finish it.

Black Betty by Ram Jam, it's one of those song that has been mashed to death, and each time I find that there is always something missing. Then I happened to stumble across BLACK BETTY-MEGA REMIX by The Remix King, I thought 'That's more like it! Plenty of beat & keep it simple'. I would tip my hat to you sir, if I wore one.

If someone said to you, "what are your all time, top 3 favourite songs? " which songs would you choose?
Honestly, this question is quite possibly unanswerable. Try it for yourself, you'll see what I mean. Get a piece of paper and write down your three favourite songs of all time. If you actually manage to get three, place the paper in an envelope, seal it, and mark it my 3 songs. A month later, do it again, then a month later do it again. at the end of the year, you will be suprised at the results. 

This small digression leads me to one on my list. Moloko with Sing it Back, with the beautiful Roisin Murphy in that iconic mirror tile dress and cap.  if you've never seen the video, then check the list below

Over at, Scott has produced his longest show to date. Show #166, weighing in at heafty 280 MB, run's for 3 hrs 24 mins 12 secs, and is absolutley superb. Go to for tracklistings. Well done fella, great piece of work.

Dirty Dancer Remix ft. 50 Cent, New Boyz, Lil Wayne, & Rihanna *NEW 2011* Enrique Iglesias ft. Usher, New Entry position at No. 601 in the mashup charts, put together by DJ Penetration, video can be found over at Youtube. should be a fast riser.

One of the best songs in the charts at the moment is, of course, Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat and there are loads of remixes floating around, but I have managed to find a couple of unique mashups. First there is  'Alexandra Stan-Mr.Saxobeat(Carlo CJ Carinola & Stefano Carparelli Remix) (Dj Coffa Saxo Mashup 2011)'  which I found on Soundcloud

and also there DJNerdboy with 'Saxy Bitch (David Guetta vs. Alexandra Stan)' which can be found below.

Dont forget to check out the bootie top ten at, and over at pimpmynight on the event highlights page, you can find details of the Mashup Switzerland Party on 20th August 2011. Hope to see you there.

Ciao for now!!!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

America's Next Top Model - Prepare for Idiocy

Firstly, I want to say hi to a friend of mine, DJ Critic from Northwich.
You can find Critic's mixes on SoundCloud ( Most of his work is actually Hardcore, but he has just released a track that is about a guy he works with, who is convinced he is Gods gift to women. Not hardcore, but very funny, and definatly worth a listen.

I have been trawling around YouTube and have found a couple of little treasures

A couple of links I would recommend taking a swatch at  also 

Also, those of you who visit regular, know I like to listen to Trance and I've had requests for Trance downloads. You can search online for various download sites, such as AH.FM 
but I would definately recommend a site called Ektoplasm

Ektoplazm is a site devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance) 
realizing the revolutionary potential of free music distribution in the 21st century. I love this site

Well I'm going to sign off now, and hopefully I won't be gone so long

Stay away from mindless reality shows, don't forget to breathe.