Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mashups and Remixes

If, like me, you like your music spiced up a little, then you may follow the mashup scene. However, I have had a lot of people asking me the difference between mashups & remixes. So I have done a little research into the history of the genre to try and define things for you. If you are interested, checkout mashup history on Wikipedia.
A Mashup is, in it’s simplest form, the joining of an acapella of one song & the instrumental of another. With imagination, ability and a good ear, a mashup can be as many songs as you like mixed together to create one track
A Remix is – when the original release has been edited to create a different version of the track. One good example of this is Beautiful Liar – Beyonce vs Shakira. To see the list of awards this song has won check wikipedia, but in Britain, it was the Freemasons remix version that propelled it to the No 1 spot after it was played on Radio 1 in place of the original track.
Beautiful Liar (Freemasons) MP4
Download at
I have to say that I love mashups. I am a huge fan of RamdomThoughts, and constantly scour the internet for new talent.
For those of you who haven’t come across it yet. RamdomThoughts is the number one mashup podcast on the internet. It’s host and founder is a guy by the name of  Scott Johnson (a mate of mine and a class act). The show is a mix of mashups, remixes, podsafe music and Exclusive material, provided for the show by leading music producers from all over the globe. Scott is mates with (or on first name terms with) pretty much everyone on the mashup scene, from guys who mashup for fun in their bedroom, to international names such as Bobby Martini, Colatron & Dj Spider.
For those of you who would like to have a listen, there is a link in the left hand column, and you need not worry about missing out, as there are links to all past shows in the archive section.

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