Thursday, 5 August 2010

In the words of the great poet, ‘Hello, Good Evening & Welcome.’

Hi everybody

In today’s listing on, I have a plethora of wonderful mash-up and download site’s for your enjoyment. Also some Pod-casts and on-line radio stations

Firstly, I would like to Give DJ Useo a show of immense appreciation, for once again taking time out of his busy schedule & stepping into the breach and hosting the

Ramdomthoughts Pod-cast,

while presenter Scott is taking time out for exams. Yet another fabulous show, great mash-up’s presented with humour, style & panache. This is the 4th outing for DJ Useo, along with other greats such as Bobby Martini, Oscar TG, Neutronic and DJ Petruska

Pod-casting is not an easy medium in which to express oneself, as I’m sure, there are many people out there who could testify to this. I have personally listened to and now miss a number of pod-casts that simply didn’t last the test of time, may they rest in peace.

However, there are plenty of mash-up pod-casts out there worth a listen. Top of the shop, of course, is, but another favourite of mine is

where you can listen to Radio Stix, presented by Josh R & the Mashstix Alternative hosted by G3rst. There are many downloads, including the ‘Sounds In The New World’ double CD. This site does have corporate sponser’s, but don’t let that put you off. Alternately, go to Gotham City, where the ultimate being of enlightenment that is Colatron has it listed there at

For those of you who like Trance, especially live, I can recommend the wonderful


Afterhours.FM (AH.FM) is a free online radio station which plays Trance and Progressive music from DJs around the world. Launched in June 2006, AH.FM now has over 180 DJs and over 500 shows a month, supporting all main music formats and players.

Most of you out there probably already know about AH.FM, but for those of you who are yet to have the pleasure, simply bookmark the player and listen whenever your on-line. Simply google ‘’ and click ‘player’ or go to and all supported players are at the top of the screen.

For more info go to

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have a few more tasty morsels for you hungry mortals.

Go to ‘‘

and you will find plenty to download from DJ Bynar, but the listing in question is a marvellous blending of Yordis (DJ Fonzerelli) and Bon Jovi with Give Me Love Tonight

Over at I managed to find the video for

Done Waiting For The Need” – CjR’s Mix Mashup (Linkin Park vs. Gwen Stefani vs. Yordis) The link to this one is -
I also want to give a mention to the Mega MashUp 2010 which features Lady Gaga, Shakira and more Deluxe Edit MaNuMixxRemix – Go To Link
And finally we go over to the wonderful Digital Eargasm. There is the original site ( and the new site (, go to the home page & click on the Archive for 2009 (152 listings), seventh item down is

Timbaland – Mornïng aftër dark (khan edison remix)

Until next time – Peace

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