Monday, 2 May 2016

And for my latest Offering.....

I love to scour the web for those attention grabbing pieces, those cleverly created mash-ups and remixes that just get you tapping your fingers on the desktop as you check your twitter. Those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen the many finds from Youtube 'likes'.

One person who I find fascinating is Pogo. Absolutely brilliant work by this guy on his YT Channel, I think I've mentioned him before with 'Upular'

Music vids made up from vid clips, from films and TV, his latest work is 'Smooth Cream', an advert for Aussie Fencing with Melissa G covering the main lyrics. This is actually a pretty good dance track and is available on iTunes.

I have recently come across a mashup artist that has taken me by surprise. I came across a mash-up "Here" vs. "Confident" - Alessia Cara vs. Demi Lovato (Mashup!) -


When I looked at the photo, I saw a very young girl, of an age that I would not associate with a mash-up of this calibre, and she also has quite a back catalogue of mixes. She states that she keeps getting her channels shut-down for copyright violation, but has backup channels so she doesn't lose her work. Della AKA Dylan Faiella is in Senior High School and lives in N.Y. and very talented. I think that she's going to be quite a name in the mash-up community in the near future.


If anyone is interested, I have been putting together a playlist on Youtube
it's got around forty vids and growing

After watching DeadPool, I went looking for one of the tracks that reminded me of younger days, Salt N Pepa – Shoop, and found Shoop (Remix) - Salt N' Pepa feat. Notorious BIG [HD]
The original track, thankfully not messed with , and added lyrics from Biggie.

Sticking with Biggie, on the Chillhop channel, The Notorious B.I.G. - Everyday Struggle (L'Indécis Remix)
Simple and an absolute pleasure to listen to, L'Indécis has a back catalogue on Soundcloud

Found a couple on trap channels that I liked
A new variation of a fav, The Notorious B.I.G. - Party and Bullshit (NKGN Trap Mash-up)
track kicks in around 1:40 in, really like this one

Biggie Smalls Vs Keys n Krates Vs Jikay - Dum Dee Machine Gun (Grim Squad Mashup) 

Like this one cause it's bouncy, trips me right out.
If you like with a heavy bass try out

Biggie Smalls - Can I Get Witcha (Louies Calabria Remix) from Melbourne Beats

One of the better remixes of Wrecking Ball is Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Billy Marlais Bootleg)
A Melbourne Bounce number on the Bounce United channel

Lemon Jelly vs Chromeo - Momma's Ducks (mashup)

This one works really well. "Momma's Ducks" is a mashup of Lemon Jelly's "Nice Weather for Ducks" with Chromeo's "Momma's Boy" by The Reborn Identity. With the unmistakable voice of Scottish actor and impressionist Enn Reitel, famous for Trust Me, Spitting Image, and turning down the part of Del Trotter (Only Fools & Horses)

Well, I'm going end on a parody, just cause I think it's really well put together

Adele - Hello (from the dark side) [parody]


Monday, 28 September 2015

 Hi Everybody!

I have just got back from visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, and I would recommend going to everyone. If you are an ardent fan, then it's a must. If you like the films, then you will really enjoy it, and If your not really a fan but decide to take a loved one or a friend, you may very well end up becoming a fan.

My wife is a massive fan, I enjoyed the films, and both of us had an amazing time. In commemoration of the visit, I have searched for any Harry Potter based mashups and remixes that I can find. I hope you like what I've found.

The first of the bunch is one that I stumbled across a while ago, and absolutely adore. It is the original stylings of a music producer named Pogo.

Pogo (Christopher Nicholas Bertke) creates his tracks by using video clips over a simple beat. His best known work on youtube is Upular, but has a very large collection under his belt. Born in South Africa, he now lives in Austrlia, and has produced a few Harry Potter based tracks. The one I wish to draw your attention to, however, is The Hermione Mix – Pogo & Jeesh

Wonderful to listen to, just pop on the headphone's and chill, totally hynotic.

Over on SoundCloud, something a little different, but rather well put together Melbourne Bounce number. Feels like a work in progress, but I found it to be rather unique. Harry Potter | and the Dir3ctor Remix by Dir3ctor

If you would rather progressive trance, then allow me to recommend a rather good offering from Spiritual Machines. Spiritual Machines - Harry Potter (Edit Bootleg)

Spiritual Machines consist of DJ's Luis Fernando Heylmann and Mark Klein, who's work is styled on Progressive Psy-Trance, with strong beats.

Or if you prefer a touch of electro house, then try out City 17 Touch Bass - Harry Potter Theme Remix

Ok, back over to Youtube, we have one that a lot of you might already be familiar with.


Mike Relm - Harry Potter and the Remix of Death

This is a fun little number, and at first I thought it might get on my nerves after a while, but it's actually quite well put together, and I must confess that It's really quite good

The main Harry Potter theme (Hedwig's theme) is prevalent throughout most remixes, and wading through the many mixes and remixes that are just carbon copies can take a toll on the ears, and also the patience, but there are a few that peaked my interest.

Daniel Pavan - Harry Potter (Remix) has a sort of heavy Ibiza feel to it, have a listen, see what you think.


If you like the logo at the top of the screen and want to have a go yourself, pop over to flaming

Dont forget you can find me on twitter, youtube, and other places on the infernalnet

see ya soon, have fun

Monday, 6 July 2015

Chilled Summer Mixes and Remixes - let the sun shine



I'm starting with a few long mixes, to relax in that 'sitting on the sand with your thoughts and your friends moment

First out of the bag can be found on the Sensual Musique Channel on Youtube. Just under an hour long, is a blended class mix, ideal for that summer road trip, windows down with the breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin.

The Good Life No.3 | A Deep House Summer Mix 2015

 download links are available in description

Next up is

The Best Of Vocal Deep House Chill Out Music 2015 (2 Hour Mixed By Regard ) #1 

This is a collection of popular songs that have been heavily remixed into a mellow dance mix running at over 2 hours with a continuous beat. 
download links are available in description

a little more upbeat we have

Electro & House 2015 Best of Year Party Mix - DJ Fr@nck

Over 3 hours long, can be found on the HouseBootlegParty channel on youtube, with nearly four million hits since April, this one is proving very popular.


I have been getting on to DJ Colatron for a follow up to E.V.P. for a while now, and although he hasn't relented, he has released another collage/montage piece in Crumplestock 2015.

Crumplbanger's CrumpleStock Fest April 2015 is an Internet DJ festival held over 3 days in April, and is heading towards being a yearly event.

Although there is no video for this track it can be found on his Website and downloaded from his SoundCloud listing

(Created for the Crumplstock Internet DJ Festival Weekend - April 2015)


In a similar vain


Legends Never Die | Fytch (Mashup feat. Tupac, Mobb Deep, Biggie & Snoop Dogg) from OpticHipHopRap

Beautifully done, found this a while ago. If you like it, download link in the description, biggie and tupac alongside Scarface. Awesome

Over on Vimeo

Paramore x Iggy Azalea x Jennifer Hudson - Aint Trouble Fun MorrisVideos 2015

A fun little number, kinda catchy, and everyone I know who's heard it all said they liked it, thought it was worth a mention. And Jennifer Hudson looks great in uniform.

I like vimeo, but the format of the site makes it difficult to navigate, come on Vimeo, time for a facelift me'thinks


I have a couple of Rihanna for you now, they are many, varied and wide, but two really stand out

Rihanna - Stay Remix (Stian Hammersland)

Stian Hammersland, from bergen in Norway, check his channel on youtube

( Disco Suckz Remix ) Rihanna And Kanye West And Paul McCartney FourFiveSeconds - DJ TAVO ALONSO

or alternately check out the key of awesome parody

Someone I really want to mention on here is a DJ I stumbled across a short time ago, with exceptional talent, DJ Giovanni.
As an undergrad, Giovanni underwent a life saving surgical procedure to treat a lifelong battle with symptoms of Cholesteatoma which plagues the middle ear and, if left untreated, the inner ear. For this reason he is known as 'The International Deaf DJ'

Mr. Probz - Waves (DJ GIOVANNI Remix)

Ok, I'm getting hungry now so I gonna call it a day.
Download – listen – enjoy
Catch ya later

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Let Music Calm the Savage Beast

When asked about their music preference, most people will reply with an answer such as 'I'll listen to anything'. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but in general, people will listen to most music types, but usually, music will reflect the listeners mood or vice-versa.

When I am working on a PC. I like to have music, or even a TV show or Film playing in the background, usually on my phone connected to Youtube or Vimeo. I won't watch the image, but I will listen to the content. If I am in the kitchen, then it is usually something upbeat, such as a trance remix or mashup collection, or lately a Kygo remix. When I feel pensive, however, I may listen to some Pink Floyd or even Mozart or Vivaldi, or even some old school blues.

I have on occasion, sat and listened to mood music for stress relief, due to the fact that I have difficulty getting off to sleep. It can be for various reasons, usually I can't get my head to shut up. The events of the day will still be rolling around in there or I have a song stuck in my head, etc. and I usually end up sinking a few beers to help me along, and sometimes I would try Youtube, and look for relaxation music and lie down with the headphones on. This was not always successful and I would drop off around five or six, and would get just a couple of hours. A number of years ago I actually suffered for a short time from what my doctor described as 'hyperreality' due to serious sleep deprivation, but that's a story for another day. 

I really will listen to anything, or at least give all music a chance, and long story short, about a year or so ago, came across some A.S.M.R. videos. A.S.M.R. is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, basically throughout your life you get sensations from intamacy or close connections where you feel, what are described as 'tingles' and these are set off by 'triggers' such as quiet repetative sounds like tapping or clicking, or close up ear-to-ear sounds or talking. 

I personally prefer ear-to ear voices and the result for me is relaxation, a sort of numbness and my mind quietens and I can actually drop off to sleep

The leading names in this new field on Youtube are people such as Maria/Маша (GentleWhispering) and Heather Feather (heather feather asmr) and Ally (ASMRrequests) who make not only ASMR video's, but make ASMR a massive part of their life, and with some very specialist equipment, make very high quality video's for the pleasure of helping people. These guy's have patreon pages, because their followers want to give back and show some appreciation, and all donations are fed back into the video making.

I have recently made a tribute video for Heather and posted it on Youtube. I received not only a comment on the video from her, but also a message on twitter. I was elated that she had seen it, and even more so that she liked it. Absolutely made my day

Heather Feather ASMR - A Tribute Video

ASMR is present everwhere, we like certain noises and sounds. Is this why we like certain music types? Is it influences from childhood? I personally grew up with many musical and visual influences as a child, my brother like blues, my parents liked country, my other brother liked chart music and seventies rock. I grew up during the Hacienda scene, so I was exposed to early hip-hop, acid-house, house music, etc,etc. I like trance, mashups, hip-hop, house, classical, soul, funk, motown,etc.
Let face it, I like anything with a beat
a strong beat, a heart beat, a soul beat. 

Enter stage left, the godfather of soul, Mr James Brown and SuperGroup Led Zeppelin
James Brown has always been a difficult one to mashup, but my last post I found a couple of exceptional mashups, today I have another
James Brown vs Led Zeppelin – Whole lotta Sex Machine by Fissunix

James Brown vs Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Sex Machine

Talking of blasts from the past I have found
The Ting Tings vs The Knack vs Toni Basil - That's Not My Name Mashup – Justin Kayes
Dutch music producer/mashup DJ Justin Kayes @JustinKayes
you can find him on soundcloud

Since hearing Blondie Vs. The Doors - Rapture Riders: created by Mark Vidler, I didn't think I would find anything to match it.
Then I came across GoHomeProductions Mashup - GHP (I Am The) Trampolene (To The Other Side) Cope/Doors/Beatles/Verve
Less than three minutes, but still well worth a listen.

Staying with GoHomeProductions, I also found - Go Home Productions: My Paperback Sharona (The Beatles vs The Knack)
You may be think 'Sharona has been done to death', but this one works, very well. Nice and simple, not overdone.

Time for a little Mos Def. I was looking for the original video for Pretty Lights - Finally Moving, and found a ton of mashups, mainly done with hip-hop artists such as 2pac and Biggie, and found a good one with Mos Def. I'm not listing all of them here, just do a search on YouTube.
This one is a mix of all of them on Aquatic Bazaar channel
Pretty Lights x Mos Def x B.I.G. x Nas - Finally Moving One Beef Everyday

Thievery Corporation vs Mos Def - Lebanese Mathematics (Trill-Out Blend)

Mos Def - Mathematics vs Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde
these tracks on their own are pretty good, but put together are just sublime. I love this mashup.

If you want tingles, then don your headphones, sit back and listen to Mos Def & Aretha Franklin Blend
Oh! take me away, this mix is beautiful, just beautifully done.
"Ms. Fat Booty ((best of decade I version))" by Mos Defwith the crystal tones of Aretha supported by Mos and halfway through Mos supported by Aretha.

I, Neo (Mos Def / Massive Attack / Matrix Mashup)

Matrix Fans should like this one, well mixed but poor video, worth a listen, quite atmospheric, I like it.

Sunshine Party And Bullshit" Notorious B.I.G. vs Mos Def (Mashup)
This one has been around for a while, but it's a pleasant listen, I found this a year or so ago.

Mos Def | Limp Bizkit - Creamed Beef (Mashup)

This one cracks me up. Creamed Beef by Andrew Schawl. Mos Def – Beef vs Creamer – Limp Bizkit. Just a really good mix

Got a few 2pac mashups now. There are hundreds out there, some good, some bad, some uninspired and there are some absolute beauties.
See if any of these float your boat

2Pac ft. Big Stalks, DJ Ak, Snoop Dogg & Dr.Dre - Takin' Over (D-Ace Mix) [Prod. by G-Dogg]

Produced by the late G-Dogg this mashup is an homage to late and old school rappers. Some good old school beats in this one.

2Pac ft DMX - "No Doubt" - Fitzyy & Dj Boy In The Bubble (CDQ HD) NEW 2011/2012

old school DMX with 2pac – a re-release. If memory serves, this was out about ten years ago, but a google search doesn't confirm nor deny.

Snoop dog when he was still canine

Snoop Dogg ft. 2Pac, B-Real & DMX - Vato (Miqu Remix) (Uncensored Music Video)

Snoop Dogg - Vato vs 2Pac - Fuck All Y'All vs DMX - We In Here
Love this mashup, lot of memories in here.

A couple to finish with

Edward Maya Stereo Love ft. Eminem, Ludacris, Taio Cruz, Kanye West, Twista, & Ke$ha *REMIX*

Didn't know what to make of this at first, but give it a chance, and it works, but give it some volume, this one works better turned up.
Leave the volume up for the next one also

Robin Skouteris - Working Lady Should Be Dancing Like Jagger (Donna Summer/Bee Gees/Maroon 5/Modjo)

Robin Skouteris always gives value for money, squeezing tons of tracks into every mashup.

Last but not least,

Madonna Vs Nancy Sinatra, Kill Bill & more - The Gang Bang Theory (Robin Skouteris & Pat Scott Mix)

Coming in at nearly nine minutes, R.S. does it again. A lot went into this mashup and video, and is incredibly detailed in the song listing, lifting and dropping in just the right places. Excellent piece of work

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and Youtube - Mead Vice
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